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FSU Ticket Priority Policy

Over the years, one of the most important roles of the FSU Ticket Priority Policy is to achieve balance between the longevity of giving with current year giving. The purpose of the Ticket Priority Policy is to establish consistency, equity and balance for donors and season ticket holders in both of those areas.

The FSU Ticket Priority Policy, established in 1979, is the loyalty based system that provides positioning for donors and season ticket holders for game day parking, the seat request, allocation and placement process for high-demand events and the calculation of total priority points for Seminole Booster members and season ticket holders.

Today, the Florida State Athletics Board approved changes to the Ticket Priority Policy effective December 1, 2017 for the 2018-19 seasons.

The primary adjustments include a simplified point calculation formula that places no limits on consecutive years’ points for Seminole Booster membership and Season Ticket purchase, inclusion of lifetime booster donations, and the grouping of giving levels for the ticket and parking allocation process.

"We are always trying to increase incentives for new members to join, while continuing to reward long-time memberships," said Seminole Boosters President and CEO Andy Miller. "We are excited by the loyalty of our boosters, and the future is very promising with so many people willing to participate at generous levels. We feel that the adjustments in the policy will continue to move the program forward."

Moving forward, ticket and parking requests will be based on current year Booster membership level and allocation will be based on newly established membership groups and total points within the group. This method provides a consistent balance of weight placed on prior year contributions and current year contributions. See additional details below.

"The purpose of the Ticket Priority Policy is to establish consistency and equity for those who support the program," said FSU Vice President and Director of Athletics Stan Wilcox. "Through the years, we’ve found the most important part of the policy is balancing longevity of giving and current giving. We feel these adjustments better achieve that balance."

Football ticket prices for the 2018 season will remain the same for season ticket holders who renew prior to January 31. Current year season ticket holders are provided with the best pricing advantage. All ticket prices below include the processing and handling fee.

Renew by Jan 31, 2018
Renewal: $295-330
New: $310-$345

Feb 1, 2018 – Mar 1, 2018
Renewal: $345
New: $380

March 2, 2018 and afterward
New: $380

Summary of changes for 2018:

1. Priority Point Calculation Formula

  1. Total consecutive years as a ticket holder – 5 pts per year (no limit)
  2. Total consecutive years as a Booster member – 5 pts per year (no limit)
  3. *Lifetime Booster giving – 1 pt per $100
  4. FSU Faculty/Staff – 5 pts
  5. FSU Varsity Letter winner – 5 pts
  6. FSU Varsity Club member – 5 pts
  7. FSU Alumni Assoc. member (current year or lifetime) – 5 pts
  8. Presidents Club honoree – 10 pts

*Lifetime Booster giving includes: Paid gifts to the annual fund, Coaches Clubs, Facilities, Scholarship endowment, Capital Campaigns and irrevocable planned gifts at net present value. Omitted from lifetime giving are Sky Box and Dunlap Champions Club seat conference and license fees.

Calculation of points will take place three times per year; Immediately following the priority deadline in March, in July and again in November. The calculation of points at those times will determine:

March: Selection time for seating and parking at Doak.
July: Away game football ticket allocation and men’s and women’s basketball seats at the Tucker Center.
November: Post-season football, men’s and women’s basketball and baseball ticket allocation.

2. Allocation by Groups
Game Day Parking and Away, Neutral Site and Post-season Conference, Bowl or Playoff game ticket allocation will be done by group first, then by total points within the group.

  1. Group I – Legacy Chief and Platinum Chief (+$13,000) and Top 150 donor based on total priority points
  2. Group II – Golden Chief and Silver Chief ($12,999 - $3,250)
  3. Group III – Tomahawk – Warrior ($3,249 - $650)
  4. Group IV – Renegade, Brave, Iron Arrow ($649 - $70)

3. Ticket Account Transfers

  1. Season tickets may be transferred to an immediate family member i.e. spouse, children.
  2. Transferable points include consecutive years as a Season Ticket Holder and do not include booster giving.

The new priority point calculations will be available online on your ticket account page on December 1st as well as the new ranking system that will determine the order in which ticket and parking allocations take place.

Your service rep is standing by to answer your questions and make sure you understand these changes.

Thank you for your continued support.