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Annual Membership Information

Annual membership helps fund the most vital needs of the FSU Athletics Program including scholarships, strength and conditioning, and athletic training. Contributions ranging from $70 to $25,000 include many benefits—ticket and parking priority, member car tag, loyalty rewards points redeemable for unique gear and experiences, exclusive member content, and more! The FSU Ticket Priority Policy determines how ticket and parking priority is distributed. Annual memberships are available at any time throughout the year (not prorated), and expire on December 31st. Payment options are available starting November of the prior giving year through August of the current year. If you have questions about levels or benefits, refer to the links below or call at 850-644-1830, option 2. Call today to renew or join over the phone at 850-644-1830

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2021 Annual Fund BenefitsClick image to enlarge.

10% in-store discount with 2021 membership card at the following partner locations:

  • Alumni Hall
  • Bill's Bookstore
  • CollegeTown Merchants – Learn More
  • FSU Bookstore
  • Garnet & Gold*
  • Seminole Sportshop

* Excludes sale/clearance merchandise and gift cards. In-store only.
** Valid for food purchases only. Alcohol and catering excluded.

The priority point ranking system is updated twice a year for ticket and parking allocation/assignment. Priority Points are calculated using the priority point formula based on gifts paid (not pledged) by the deadline leading up to each priority point ranking.

Ticket priority is based on membership tier, then by points within the tier. There are a number of ways to improve your ranking:

  • Upgrade your membership to the next membership tier,
  • Increase the amount you pay within your existing membership tier,
  • Make payments toward any pledge balance that provides lifetime points.

Each account will now have two different priority point totals, one used for home ticket allocations (Home Points) and one used for donor recognition, parking and any non-home ticket allocations (Total Points). All Priority Point Categories will be calculated the same with the exception of Lifetime Booster Giving now being calculated with two separate totals.


Home Point Calculation

Total Point Calculation

  1. Total consecutive years as a ticket holder – 5 pts per year (no limit)
  2. Total consecutive years as a Booster member – 5 pts per year (no limit)
  3. *Lifetime Booster giving – 1 pt per $100
    • Annual Fund commitments paid to present
    • Lifetime Gifts* paid through December 31, 2017.
    • Annual Fund and/or Athletic Excellence Fund commitments paid to present
    • Lifetime Gifts* paid to present
  4. FSU Faculty/Staff – 5 pts
  5. FSU Varsity Letter winner – 5 pts
  6. FSU Varsity Club member – 5 pts
  7. FSU Alumni Assoc. member (current year or lifetime) – 5 pts
  8. Presidents Club honoree – 10 pts

*Lifetime Booster giving includes: Paid gifts to the Coaches Clubs, Facilities, Scholarship endowment, Capital Campaigns and irrevocable planned gifts at net present value. Omitted from lifetime giving are Sky Box and Dunlap Champions Club seat conference and license fees.
Calculation of points will take place three times per year, donors will be placed in order based on the priority policy, by Annual Fund giving tier first, then total points within the tier.
April 1st: Determine Football Seat Relocation/Selection and Football Parking Relocation/Selection; July 1st: Determine Football Neutral Site Ticket Allocation, Football Away Game Ticket Allocation, Basketball Seat Relocation/Selection, and Women's Basketball Seat Relocation/Selection; November 1st: Football Post-season/Bowl Game Ticket Allocation, Baseball Seat Relocation/Selection, and Basketball Post Season.


Determines home ticket priority. Based on current year Annual Fund membership level and then priority points within each tier.


Determines Game Day Parking and Away, Neutral Site and Post-season Conference, Bowl or Playoff game ticket allocation. Based on Annual Fund and/or Athletic Excellence Fund membership level including combined totals and then priority points within each tier.

  1. Tier I – Legacy Chief and Platinum Chief (+$13,000) and Top 150 donor based on total Priority Points
  2. Tier II – Golden Chief and Silver Chief ($12,999 - $3,250)
  3. Tier III – Tomahawk – Warrior ($3,249 - $650)
  4. Tier IV – Renegade, Brave, Iron Arrow ($649 - $70)

Season tickets may be transferred to an immediate family member i.e. spouse, children. Transferable points include consecutive years as a Season Ticket Holder and do not include booster giving.

Questions about ticket priority? Chat now with a Ticket Office Representative

Collegiate athletics programs like Florida State depend upon private donations to help balance their athletic budget. Like many other programs that use ticket priority as an incentive for donations, FSU has established a ticket priority policy to allocate football and basketball tickets as fairly as possible.

Doak Campbell Stadium and the Tucker Center are divided into priority sections. Tickets in the priority sections are reserved for those fans that help fund the athletics budget by supporting the Annual Fund.

The goal of the FSU Ticket Priority policy is to reward the loyalty of our long-time supporters while at the same time incentivizing new and increased giving while distributing season tickets equitably in terms of quantity and location.

Donor Rank & Calculating Your Points

Per Seat Contribution Information

Per Seat Contribution FAQ

The Florida State Priority Policy was established in 1979 to create benefits for Seminole fans wanting to help fund a nationally competitive athletics program and to provide an objective method for allocating highly-desired tickets and parking. The policy, which is administered by the FSU Athletics’ Board, rewards supporters who purchase season tickets and make private donations to Seminole Boosters, Inc., the fundraising arm of Florida State University Athletics.

Since athletics programs in Florida may receive no money from the State of Florida or from the University, operations must be funded with revenues earned or contributed. There are more than 17,000 Seminole Booster members who make annual contributions to provide Florida State Athletics with winning-edge funding for all 20 men’s and women’s sports

These Seminole Booster members purchase more than 40,000 season football tickets and enjoy ticket and parking priority.

Doak CampbellClick image to enlarge.

2020 Booster Level Giving Amount Priority Limits Club Seat Limits
Legacy Chief $25,000 14 sideline 16 seats
Platinum Chief $13,000 - $24,999 14 sideline 12 seats
Golden Chief $6,500 - $12,999 12 sideline 8 seats
Silver Chief $3,250 - $6,499 10 sideline 6 seats
Tomahawk $1,300 - $3,249 8 sideline 4 seats
Warrior $650 - $1,299 6 sideline 2 seats
Renegade $330 - $649 3 sideline n/a
Brave $140 - $329 n/a n/a
Iron Arrow $70 - $139 n/a n/a

Football Priority Policy

The policy now sets a per-seat contribution requirement for each section. Seats on the West side of the stadium, which are in highest demand, have a higher per seat requirement than seats in equivalent sections on the East side of the stadium. Similarly, sections closest to the 50 yard line have a higher per-seat requirement than seats in sections farther from the 50 yard line. View the Doak Campbell seating chart for per seat requirements for each section of Doak Campbell Stadium.

A season ticketholder’s minimum contribution requirement will be determined by multiplying the number of seats purchased in a section(s) by the per-seat contribution requirement for that section.

Example: Bob and Mary have four seats in Section 30 with a minimum per-seat requirement of $325. Their membership requirement for those West side seats would be $1300 (4 x $325) which is at the Tomahawk level ($1300 to $3249) level.
Bob and Mary could choose to increase to a Silver Chief ($3250), Golden Chief ($6500) or Platinum Chief ($13,000) and enjoy the benefits and points at one of those levels.

Equity example: Larry and Betty choose four seats right across the stadium from Bob and Mary in section 13 on the east side. That section has a $200 per-seat requirement so their contribution would need to be $800 for those four seats which is in the Warrior range of membership ($650 to $1299). Larry and Betty could enjoy Warrior benefits or choose to contribute at the Tomahawk ($1300) or higher level but they are not required to.

Civic CenterClick image to enlarge.

Booster Level Giving Amount Priority Limits
Renegade $330 - $649 4 seats in Priority II
Warrior $650 - $1,299 6 Priority seats, up to 2 in PI
Tomahawk $1,300 - $3,249 8 Priority seats, up to 4 in PI
Silver Chief $3,250 - $6,499 10 Priority seats, up to 4 in PI
Golden, Platinum, and Legacy Chief $6,500 or more 12 Priority seats, up to 6 in PI

  • Parking lot permits are for the entire season. A map with travel directions and the location of the lot is on the back of the permit.
  • Cooking devices and tents must not interfere with neighbors, adjacent parking, or thoroughfare. The lot will be monitored and we reserve the right to terminate parking privileges for misconduct towards fellow boosters or parking personnel or misuse of the permit, or abuse during tailgating.
  • Permits must hang from your rear-view mirror as you approach the stadium and must be displayed the entire time you are in your designated lot. If the permit is not properly displayed, the vehicle may be towed.
  • Parking lots open five hours prior to kick off. There are exceptions during certain home games, and these will be announced ahead of time.
  • Lost permits, stolen permits, permits left at home or accidentally thrown away cannot be replaced.
  • Numbered Priority Lots: Your permit for a numbered priority lot gains access to a specific lot, within which you may select a space on a first-come first-serve basis. See chart below.
  • Assigned Spaces in Numbered Priority Lots: Your permit assigns both a priority lot and a reserved space number within that lot. (Golden Chiefs Lots: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Parking assignments are as follows: Donors who renew at the same level are assigned the same lot as the previous year (Unless otherwise requested via e-mail or phone). New assignments (anyone changing membership levels) are based on spaces available in lots at that level.
  • Motorhome parking assignments will be posted by 5pm each Wednesday of a home game.
  • Vehicles over 20 feet in length will not be permitted to park in the regular Booster lots as they will not fit in the defined parking/tailgating areas. Golden, Platinum and Legacy Chief members with an oversized vehicle will be directed to Lot A to park in designated grass spots that are adjacent to the paved, reserved area. Warrior, Tomahawk, and Silver Chief members with an oversized vehicle will be directed to park in the Master Craftsman lot on Gaines Street. A valid, current year Seminole Booster parking permit must be presented when arriving at the lot entrance and must remain displayed in the rearview mirror for the entire time you are in the lot. Parking in these lots is available on a first come, first served basis.
Lot Directions
Lot Donation
29 – Courtesy shuttle available to those who have mobility needs Minimum Renegade donation of $330
12, 13, 17, 19, 25 - 29 Minimum Warrior donation of $650
7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16, 21, 22, 23 Minimum Tomahawk donation of $1,300
5, 8, 15 Minimum Silver Chief donation of $3,250
1 - 6 Minimum Golden Chief donation of $6,500

2021 Football Parking Map

Football Parking MapClick image to enlarge.

General Information
Booster Member, Motorhome & Charter Bus Parking

Seminole Boosters can not issue or distribute Disabled Parking permits. If you have questions or need an application to apply for disabled game day parking please contact Transportation and Parking Services.

Also please note, if you are issued a game day parking permit through the ADA’s office, you will not be issued a Seminole Booster parking permit.

Transportation and Parking Services
104 N. Woodward Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32306
Phone: (850) 644-5278
Fax: (850) 644-4999

2021 Season Information

Seminole Booster members who drive fully self-contained motorhomes to the home football games and who contribute at the Platinum Chief, Legacy Chief, Golden Chief, Silver Chief or Tomahawk levels are eligible to park their motorhome in the designated lots the weekend of home football games. Motorhome assignments will be sent via email to the same email address used during the registration process on Wednesday evening of each home game.

Motorhome lots will be opened for an extended 3-day weekend for the FSU vs Notre Dame season opener on Sept. 5th starting Friday, Sept. 3rd at 10am and closing at Noon on Monday, Sept. 6th. All other games will follow the usual schedule of opening Friday at 10am and closing Sunday at Noon of game weekend.

Game Date of Game Registration Opens Registration Closes
Notre Dame 09/05/21 Monday – 08/30 at 9am Tuesday – 08/31 at noon
Jacksonville State 09/11/21 Monday – 09/06 at 9am Tuesday – 09/07 at noon
Louisville 09/25/21 Monday – 09/20 at 9am Tuesday – 09/21 at noon
Syracuse 10/02/21 Monday – 09/27 at 9am Tuesday – 09/28 at noon
UMass 10/23/21 Monday – 10/18 at 9am Tuesday – 10/19 at noon
NC State 11/06/21 Monday – 11/01 at 9am Tuesday – 11/02 at noon
Miami 11/13/21 Monday – 11/08 at 9am Tuesday – 11/09 at noon

Motorhome Information & Policies (Updated: August 2021)

Motorhome Parking Map

Register for Motorhome Parking

The Charter Bus fee is $150.00 per bus, per game. Charter buses may park beginning 4 hours before kickoff. Buses must depart within 1 hour of the conclusion of the game. View parking directions below.

Charter Bus Parking Directions
From Tennessee Street, turn south onto Stadium Drive. Turning left on Call Street traveling east, turn right, travel south onto Chieftan Way. There, a Parking Attendant will check registration and issue permits. Buses will be direted to park on Chieftan Way, next to track, north of the intersection of Spirit Way.

Exit: All buses must exit east of the stadium on Pensacola St. Attendants will guide.

Charter Bus Parking Application

Platinum, Golden and Silver Chiefs who are basketball season ticket holders will receive complimentary parking in the main lot of the Civic Center. Passes will be mailed to season ticket holders towards the end of October.

Coaches Clubs members who donate $300 or more to the men’s basketball program will receive a parking pass for the entire season as a part of their membership benefits.

If you would like more information about receiving a parking pass by joining the Coaches Clubs and supporting the Florida State Men’s Basketball, click on the link below and proceed with the online donation process for men’s basketball.

For more information, contact the Director of Coaches Clubs, Cristian Gonzalez-Mendez, by calling or emailing

Join the Basketball Coaches Club

Reserved parking for FSU Baseball games is available for Baseball Coaches Clubs members at the Bronze Level ($600) and above.

The parking spaces are located in Lot 11, just behind the baseball scoreboard in left field. There are no assigned parking spaces; parking is first come first serve. Reserved parking spots within the lot are available for Baseball Coaches Clubs members at the Gold Level ($3,000) and above. Parking passes are valid only for the regular season and not for NCAA Tournament play.

General Baseball Parking is available in other lots surrounding Dick Howser Stadium.

For more information, call Cristian Gonzalez-Mendez at or emailing

Join the Baseball Coaches Club