The three torches that symbolize the strength of Florida State University are Vires, Artes, and Mores — physical, mental and moral strength.

From ancient times, universities have been designed to prepare students in all three virtues. Parents understand the importance of Vires, and demonstrate that understanding through support of their children's sports. Instinctively, we know the role sports play in teaching discipline, determination, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Florida State scholarship athletes have worked hard for much of their lives to embody the virtues of Vires. They strive always to win the garland of the champion, and to earn the honor of competing as a Seminole.

Each year, almost 500 men and women are given the opportunity to obtain their college education with an athletic scholarship provided by Seminole Boosters. Many would never have that opportunity without their scholarship. These young people work exceptionally hard, and make us proud by representing Florida State as a winner on the national stage, attracting the attention that winners bring.


Custodes Lampadis

Guardians of the torch, from the Latin custodes lampadis, or, more liberally, "defenders of the flame", designates a select corps of individuals within the University's sphere.

The Custodes Lampadis Society was established to preserve intercollegiate athletics at Florida State University, and to ensure that future generations of young men and women athletes are provided an opportunity to obtain an excellent education. This is the most exclusive of all Seminole Boosters affiliations, as it is comprised of those who engage in the nobility of projecting their love for the University beyond the horizon of their own mortality.

custodes lampadis

Most society members specify their gifts for athletic scholarships, and these gifts will be placed in the Endowed Scholarship Fund. Only the interest earned from the Endowment Fund is used, making their gift one that will give in perpetuity. Gifts made for facilities and development will be placed in the Florida State Athletic Fund. Both endowed scholarship gifts and athletic fund gifts can be designated by sport, and can be in the donor's name or in the name of someone of the donor's choosing. Any person who makes an estate gift to Seminole Boosters, Inc., will gain entrance into this prestigious society. Society membership is not dependent upon the size or type of estate gift.

Each member of Custodes Lampadis will be presented with a print of the Society's crest, and a lapel pin for recognition at functions. The members' names will be engraved on a large bronze plaque on permanent display at the University Center, and will be recognized in the football game program. Beneficiaries who wish to remain anonymous will be recognized by an anonymous member number.


You and Seminole Boosters, Inc.

If you have already made an estate gift to Seminole Boosters, please let us know. Knowing not only helps us plan for the future, but also gives us an opportunity to thank you and give you proper recognition. If you would like to see how any of these gifts might help you, based on your age and needs, please visit the web address below. I will provide you, at no cost and at no obligation, a detailed example based on the numbers that you provide. Your ongoing support will be treated with utmost confidentiality.


Mike Dasher
Senior VP of Development
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Director of Development and Gift Planning
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