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Nole Reps

Seminole Boosters Annual Membership

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Seminole Booster member or increasing your membership.

As you progress, you’ll be prompted to choose which Annual Membership you'd like to support. Please select "Athletic Excellence Fund Membership – Charitable" if you are choosing to waive your home ticket rights. Then, under "Additional Information" please specify which Nole Rep we should recognize for their assistance in adding you to our Seminole Booster family!

2020 Annual Fund Guide

Nole Reps Program

Seminole Boosters is looking for motivated volunteers to help spread our mission and grow our Seminole Family. We need your help organizing and hosting events throughout the year to find new Seminole Boosters members! If you love FSU and want to see it succeed, consider volunteering with Seminole Boosters as a Nole Rep! There are great benefits that include team issued gear, access to exclusive events, and opportunities to earn FSU Athletics experiences based on performance. Nole Rep positions are limited. Sign Up Today! Upon registration, a representative from Seminole Boosters will contact you to learn more about your interests and passion for FSU.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can be a Nole Rep?
    • Any Seminole Boosters Members can be a Nole Rep! If you love FSU, then you should be a Nole Rep.
  2. Do I have to have an active membership with Seminole Boosters?
    • Yes, an active membership is required to be a Nole Rep. Click here for more information on how to renew or begin a new membership.
  3. Do I have to live in Tallahassee to be a Nole Rep?
    • No! You do not have to live in Tallahassee to be a Nole Rep. We are looking for Nole Reps all across the country.
  4. Can I refer my Seminole friends to be Nole Reps?
    • Yes! Click on the "Refer a Rep" button to let us know that they are interested in being a Nole Rep. Remember, all Nole Reps must have an active account with Seminole Boosters.
  5. Are there benefits with being a Nole Rep?
    • Yes! There are many benefits for being a Nole Rep which include gear and opportunities to earn gameday experiences, such as tickets, parking, and on field access at select FSU Football games! You can also email Joanna White at