The Renovation of Doak Campbell Stadium

The primary objective of this project is to maintain Doak Campbell Stadium as one of the best venues in all collegiate sports.

The results of numerous surveys revealed 91% of our donors and fans support enhancing the game day experience and improving seat comfort. The architectural firm Populous will design the game day amenities you desire and address infrastructure needs of our historic facility.

We are currently preselling new seating experiences.

One-on-One Meeting Timeline to Review Options for 2025

When we first announced this project, we promised to meet with every season ticket holder, individually, to share the plan. We are making good on that promise. As of February 2024, we’ve contacted or met with more than 60% of season ticket holders to discuss the plan. Outreach will continue until we speak to every member.

Donor Group Seating Area Timeline for 1st Invitation
Tier 1 Sections 29-37 and/or Dunlap Champions Club Early 2023
Tier 2 Sections 29-37 and/or Dunlap Champions Club Spring / Summer 2023
Tier 3 Sections 29-37 and/or Dunlap Champions Club Fall 2023 / Spring 2024
Tier 4 Sections 29-37 and/or Dunlap Champions Club Spring 2024
Tier 2 Other seating areas Summer 2024
Tier 3 Other seating areas Summer 2024
Tier 4 Other seating areas Summer 2024
Public Other seating areas Fall 2024

Tier 1 – Legacy and Platinum Chiefs, Top 150; Tier 2 – Golden and Silver Chiefs; Tier 3 – Tomahawks and Warriors; and Tier 4 – Renegades, Braves, and Iron Arrows.

Donor rank is calculated using member tier and priority points within the tier to determine the order in which we reach out to schedule appointments at the preview center. If you would like to learn more about your rank, please contact your Booster representative.

Project Timeline

Preselling: Now
Board of Trustees Approval: Fall 2023
Construction Life-safety/ADA East: November 2023 – August 2024
Construction West: November 2023 – August 2025
West Grand Reopening: August 30, 2025



Section Ticket Price
Per seat
Per Seat
32-34 $500 $500
27-31 and 35-39 $500 $325
9-11 $350 $400
8 and 12 $350 $200
13 $300 $200
14-16, 119, and 121-123 $300 $35


Here’s what you need to know about seating for the 2024 season while construction is taking place:

  • The deadline to renew season tickets is February 16, 2024
  • All season ticket holders will be able to purchase the same number of season tickets as in 2023, however the seat location will be different.
  • Everyone sitting in the main stand bleachers will be asked to select a new seat location for 2024. Available seats will include temporary seats on the west side, widened seats on the east side, and current bleacher seats in the south endzone.
  • The entire west side will be under construction during the 2024 season and all-season tickets will be impacted.
  • WEST SIDELINE bleachers will be removed and a limited number of temporary chairback seats will be setup for the entire season.
  • West sideline capacity will be reduced to about 7,000 seats due to construction.
  • West side concourses, restrooms and concessions stands will be modified or temporary.
  • EAST SIDELINE seats will be widened to 18” each and handrails in the aisles will be installed prior to the 2024 season.
  • All east side seats will include a breathable, mesh seat on top of the bleacher seating – the mesh seat is a better alternative to a padded seat however the seat will be a bottom only (no back).
  • PARKING will also be impacted due to construction areas in adjacent lots.
    • a. Booster parking will be available to season ticket holders at the $330 level and above and all Golden, Platinum and Legacy Chief members.
    • b. Lots 1 & 15 will not be available, and lots 2 and 3 will be limited on game day.
    • c. Lots 5 & 8 will become all reserved spaces for Golden Chiefs and above in 2024 and moving forward.
    • d. All members eligible for parking will be asked to select a new parking lot and/or space for 2024.
Pictured: A rendering of the west sideline temporary seats. The area above the temporary seats will be under construction during the 2024 season.

2024 Seat Selection

All season ticket holders in the main stand bleachers will select a new seat location for 2024

2024 Doak Campbell Stadium Seat Map

SEAT SELECTION: Is conducted individually based on Booster tier, in member priority order. Seat selection occurs online (in the Spring of 2024) with a live seat map showing availability during your time slot.

Selection will take place March 25, 2024 – May 10, 2024.

Season ticket holders will receive a time slot (based on donor priority) to log in to a website and select seats using a live seat map.

Time slots will be provided to each donor on March 21st.

PARKING: For members who qualify, parking space or lot selection will occur with seat selection. Reserved parking is included in this process.

ALL donors who qualify for parking must select new parking for the 2024 season.


Section Ticket Price
Per seat
Per Seat
32-34 $500 $500
27-31 and 35-39 $500 $325
9-11 $350 $400
8 and 12 $350 $200
13 $300 $200
14-16, 119, and 121-123 $300 $35

Dunlap Champions Club

CLICK HERE to learn more about the renovations coming to the Dunlap Champions Club.


What is the goal of the Doak Campbell Stadium Renovation Project?
The goal of the stadium renovation is to update historic Doak Campbell Stadium with a number of new, modern seating experiences that our fan base has asked for over the years. The result will feature our iconic one-of-a-kind stadium with new and refreshed experiences related to seating, climate-controlled club spaces, and amenities.
The projected start date is immediately following the 2023 football season with the renovations concluding prior to our 2025 season opener vs. Alabama on August 30, 2025.
A variety of new premium seating options will be available. These experiences include new chair back seating, access to indoor hospitality spaces, climate-controlled amenities, expanded premium food and beverage offerings and best-in-class service and operations.
The best way to increase your priority is to consider upgrading your Booster membership to the next level and/or tier. The FSU Priority Policy is designed to acknowledge both current giving and membership tier as well as past giving and longevity. We are very appreciative of our many loyal donors and season ticket holders who have contributed to the success of FSU Athletics over time. Our Priority Policy takes this into account with regards to your current seating and future opportunities.
We have a Preview Center near Doak Campbell Stadium we will invite you to in priority order. The Preview Center will allow you to visualize the new amenities and conceptualize the future game day experience. You will have the opportunity to visit the Preview Center to learn more about the project while having the option to purchase the new seating options.
We will go through the process one-by-one with our current donors. First, we will start with ticket holders in the areas where renovations will take place. You will be ranked in order of the FSU Priority Policy and a member of our staff will meet with you at our preview center to walk through the project and show you your seating options. Then, we will rank donors outside of the affected areas by priority and continue the process. Finally, we will meet with the general public to look at remaining options and inventory. This process is expected to take 12-18 months as we meet with all of our loyal supporters individually.
All Seminole Booster members will have priority to secure new seating in accordance with their donor level. We will contact you soon to communicate your priority.
Ticket prices vary depending on your desired seating location. Your Booster representative will share more information on pricing once you are available to meet at our Preview Center.
For any questions regarding the Doak Campbell Stadium Renovation Project, we encourage you to call your Booster representative.
Careful consideration was made to create a new design that harmonizes with the existing structure while creating a new identity for the stadium. These enhancements modernize the fan experience, continues to push the University forward, and adds to the legacy of Doak Campbell Stadium.
The new stadium renovations and seating experiences are expected to take effect starting with the 2025 season. In order to secure your seat at the time of reservation, you will pay a capital gift. The actual seat cost and per seat contributions will not be paid until the arrival of the 2025 season when you will be in your new seats.
A capital gift is a one-time contribution used directly towards funding the stadium renovation project. The entire contribution does not have to be paid up front. Fulfillment schedules for the gift can be scheduled over 1-3 years.
You can move your same number of seats within the same premium area gift and your previously paid capital gift will act as a credit towards any capital gift requirements. If you are wanting to move your seats to a new premium area (e.g. Founders Suites, Founders Loges, West Club), a capital gift would be needed to secure the new seats and any previously paid capital gift would not apply.
Each season ticket holder can select his or her seats at their time based on priority ranking. Everyone in the group would need to wait until the date and time of the last appointment scheduled among the group and select available seats next to each other at that time.
We understand that some ticket holders may not participate in these changes. In recognition of their importance to our program, we will work with individuals wishing to remain at their current Booster level to find seats in other available locations. These individuals will have the first opportunity to select seats in available seating sections outside of the new renovations. Those changes will take effect in the 2025 season.