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Executive Staff
Stephen Ponder President and CEO
Derril Beech Annual Giving
JP Sinclair Finance
Kari Terezakis Stewardship
Chris Wilson Development
Ben Zierden Operations
  • Stephen Ponder President and CEO
  • Derril Beech Annual Giving
  • JP Sinclair Finance
  • Kari Terezakis Stewardship
  • Chris Wilson Development
  • Ben Zierden Operations

Name Title Email Phone
Kelly Nielsen Executive Assistant & Board Relations Coordinator [email protected] 850-644-1130

Name Title Email Phone
Chris Wilson Senior Vice President of Development [email protected] 850-228-0094
Tom Carlson Senior Vice President [email protected] 850-644-4862
Eric Carr Senior Vice President of Development - Central Florida - TN, WV, DE & DMV [email protected] 407-335-9781
Colson Hosford Director of Development and Real Estate - Tallahassee - OH, MI, WI, MN & IA [email protected] 850-320-4489
Kyle Kashuck Director of Development - NE Florida - Mountain West US [email protected] 727-692-0262
Hugh Tomlinson Director of Development & Gift Planning [email protected] 850-500-4844
Max Zahn Regional Annual Fund Director [email protected] 904-716-5637
Javier Garcia-Tunon Director of Development - South Florida - Northeast US [email protected] 786-897-9597
Bo Nahstoll Director of Development – Greater Atlanta Area – SC, NC, AL & Pacific [email protected] 804-245-1296
Ronnie Heard Director of Development - Tallahassee Area - TX, OK, AR, LA, MS [email protected] 850-508-5417
Kacie Juday Director of Development - Tallahassee, Panhandle, KS, NE, SD & ND [email protected] 765-425-7605
Cristian Gonzalez Mendez Director of Development - Sport Specific [email protected] 850-645-9836
Ricky McEwen Director of Development - Tampa Bay Area - KY, IN, IL, & MO [email protected] 813-500-2660
Paul Phipps Development Advisor [email protected] 850-644-0354

Name Title Email Phone
Mark Cameron Vice President - Stadium Development & Sales Strategy [email protected] 850-645-9770
George Seliga Director of Membership & Sales [email protected] 850-645-9585
Justin Schaefer Account Executive - Premium Membership [email protected] 850-645-9587
Andrew Pope Sr. Account Executive - Membership [email protected] 850-645-9771
Danielle Seliga Sr. Account Executive - Membership [email protected] 850-645-0187
Josh Govans Account Executive - Membership [email protected] 850-645-6940
Reese Kerlin Account Executive - Membership [email protected] 850-645-0188
James Warren Account Executive – New Business Development [email protected] 850-527-0701
Stephen Cardamone Account Executive - New Business [email protected] 850-644-5187
Kaylee Smith Account Executive - Membership [email protected] 850-645-7386
Paul Conner Account Executive - Membership [email protected] 850-644-1835

Name Title Email Phone
Kayla Chandler Director of Member Services [email protected] 850-644-0503
Hunter Lundy Member Services Representative [email protected] 850-645-7333
Paris Fleck Member Services Representative [email protected] 850-645-5067
Connor Evora Member Services Representative [email protected] 850-644-0151

Name Title Email Phone
JP Sinclair Chief Financial Officer [email protected] 850-644-3484
Amy Hanstein Director of Employee Relations & Accounts Payable [email protected] 850-644-3484
Mark Majszak Comptroller [email protected] 850-644-3484
Nancy Westfall Gift Processing Specialist [email protected] 850-644-3484

Name Title Email Phone
Katie Pugh Director of Trademark Licensing [email protected] 850-644-3141
Garrett O'Connor Assistant Director of Trademark Licensing [email protected] 850-644-8690

Name Title Email Phone
Derril Beech Senior Vice President of Marketing and Annual Giving [email protected] 850-645-8296
Monica Perez Director of Graphic Arts [email protected]
Dani Darling Director of Marketing [email protected] 850-644-2169
Corey Simon Director of Athlete Alumni Engagement and Development [email protected]
Danielle Watson Member Engagement Coordinator [email protected] 850-644-5553

Name Title Email Phone
Kari Terezakis Senior Vice President of Stewardship [email protected] 850-644-2950
Bailey Watson Director of Stewardship & Special Events [email protected] 850-644-3378
John Sawyer Annual Giving Stewardship Coordinator [email protected] 850-644-2170
Addison Andrews Bowden Society Stewardship Coordinator [email protected] 850-644-0905

Name Title Email Phone
Main Office [email protected] 850-644-1123

Name Title Email Phone
Tiffany Mixon Manager [email protected] 850-644-8899

Name Title Email Phone
Eddy Najdowski Director of Skybox Maintenance [email protected] 850-644-3484
Jonah Dixon Maintenance Coordinator

Name Title Email Phone
Jeffrey Nielson Data Analytics & Insights Manager [email protected] 850-644-1327

Name Title Email Phone
Brittany Yazdanpanah Director of Dunlap Champions Club Membership [email protected] 850-645-6655

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