Florida State Athletics is self-supported and does not receive funding from the university or the state. Seminole Boosters provides the largest allocation of resources to support athletic scholarships, operations, and facilities, which fosters excellence for 20 teams and more than 500 student-athletes.


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Many FSU enthusiasts and alumni desire to be a part of the university’s traditions and community but often miss out. Seminole Boosters connects you to FSU while supporting its athletic program so student-athletes, coaches, alumni, and fans all win together.

  • Fabien Lovett, Sr. reflects on the scholarship opportunity funded by Seminole Boosters.
    - Fabien Lovett, Sr.
  • Jordan Travis talks about his time at FSU and the opportunity to represent Florida State University.
    - Jordan Travis
  • Head Coach Brooke Niles talks about her coaching philosophy and takes us behind-the-scenes of our Beach Volleyball program.
    - Head Coach Brooke Niles
  • Athletic Director Michael Alford talks about the importance of embracing NIL opportunities for student-athletes
    - Athletic Director Michael Alford
  • Softball student-athlete Devyn Flaherty thanks Seminole Booster members for their support and commitment to FSU.
    - Devyn Flaherty
  • Jaime Ferrer wanted to play college baseball at FSU and is living out his dream.
    - Jaime Ferrer
  • Long-time Seminole Booster member Bridget Chandler talks about loyalty and how Boosters supports not only athletics but the entire University
    - Bridget Chandler



Annual Fund2023
92% to Goal
96% to Goal
Bowden Society2023-2024
83% to Goal
35% to Goal
Coaches Clubs2023-2024
23% to Goal
31% to Goal

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