FSU Ticket Priority Policy


Florida State Athletics is committed to excellence. To ensure continued excellence on and off the field for more than 500 student athletes while providing a strong community for our fans, we are implementing a consistent annual fund-giving structure (to match the existing football structure) for men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer season tickets.

This new structure comes after extensive analysis of peer institutions and the desire to increase our game-by-game participation from season ticket holders.

Currently, contributions to Seminole Boosters required to purchase football tickets have also allowed donors access to season tickets to men’s basketball. In other words, a football Booster contribution has afforded “umbrella” access extending to men’s basketball, while no donation policy exists for soccer, softball, baseball, or women’s basketball.

This adjustment adopts a donation requirement for all ticketed sports.

New Donation Model

The new per-seat model for season tickets will require a separate donation to Seminole Boosters with every season ticket purchase.

Phase I – All season ticket holders will need to be active members with Seminole Boosters. The Annual Membership contribution will continue to serve as an “umbrella” donation for all season tickets. All Coaches Clubs giving for tickets will be removed and Annual Fund will determine all ticket priority.

Phase II – Starting in the 2024-25 season and the current 2024 annual fund membership, per-seat giving will begin and will be separated by sport, removing the “umbrella” giving for men’s basketball, women’s basketball and soccer. Per seat giving will begin at baseball and softball in the 2025 seasons with the 2025 annual fund membership.

Example A
Tom is a Tomahawk level member paying $2,000 annually to Seminole Boosters. He has 4 tickets at Doak that require a $500 seat donation. He also has 2 tickets at baseball that will require a $500 donation per seat starting in the 2025 season. Tom’s 2023 and 2024 annual fund donation amount can remain the same. However, his 2025 annual fund will need to increase to $3,000 annually to maintain all his seat locations.
Example B
Jessica is a baseball season ticket holder and not a Seminole Booster Member. She will need to join the 2024 annual fund at the minimum $70 level to renew her seats for the 2024 season. For 2025, she can renew her seats and contribute the new per seat amount to remain in the same location or renew the minimum annual donation amount and select a different seat based on availability.

Seat Renewals for the 2024-25 seasons

As the new per-seat model is implemented, all season ticket holders in these five sports will have the first opportunity to renew their current seat location and donate the new per-seat donation amount. Should a current season ticket holder desire to move to a new seat location with a different per-seat donation amount, they can renew at the minimum level, and after the renewal deadline, choose a new seat location based on availability.

The first option to renew will apply to all reserved season tickets in basketball, baseball, softball and soccer for the 2024-25 season.

We will continue to meet with donors about new seating experiences at Doak Campbell Stadium for the 2025 football season.



Per Seat Timelines

Please select a sport below to see timeline and seating chart details. You can click on each image to expand it.
Men’s Basketball

    Mens Basketball donation

    Womens Basketball Timeline

baseball donation baseball donation

Soccer preseat timeline

Softball Donation Softball Donation

Priority Point Calculation Formula

Each account will now have two different priority point totals, one used for home ticket allocations (Home Points) and one used for donor recognition, parking and any non-home ticket allocations (Total Points). All Priority Point Categories will be calculated the same with the exception of Lifetime Booster Giving now being calculated with two separate totals.

Priority Point Categories

Total Point Calculation

Total consecutive years as a ticket holder – 5 pts per year (no limit)
Total consecutive years as a Booster member – 5 pts per year (no limit)
*Lifetime Booster giving – 1 pt per $100
Annual Fund commitments paid to present
Lifetime Gifts* paid through December 31, 2017.
Annual Fund and/or Athletic Excellence Fund commitments paid to present
Lifetime Gifts* paid to present
FSU Faculty/Staff – 5 pts
FSU Varsity Letter winner – 5 pts
FSU Varsity Club member – 5 pts
Presidents Club honoree – 10 pts

*Lifetime Booster giving includes: Paid gifts to the Coaches Clubs, Facilities, Scholarship endowment, Capital Campaigns and irrevocable planned gifts at net present value. Omitted from lifetime giving are Sky Box and Dunlap Champions Club seat conference and license fees.
Calculation of points will take place two times per year: Immediately following the priority deadline in March and November. The calculation of points at those times will determine:

March: Selection time for seating and parking at Doak and away game ticket allocations. November: Post-season football, men’s and women’s basketball and baseball ticket allocation.

Allocation by Tiers

Home Game Allocation Tiers

Determines home ticket priority. Based on current year Annual Fund membership level and then priority points within each tier.

Parking & Non-Home Game Allocation Tiers

Determines Game Day Parking and Away, Neutral Site and Post-season Conference, Bowl or Playoff game ticket allocation. Based on Annual Fund and/or Athletic Excellence Fund membership level including combined totals and then priority points within each tier.

Tier I – Legacy Chief and Platinum Chief (+$13,000) and Top 150 donor based on total Priority Points
Tier II – Golden Chief and Silver Chief ($12,999 – $3,250)
Tier III – Tomahawk – Warrior ($3,249 – $650)
Tier IV – Renegade, Brave, Iron Arrow ($649 – $70)

Ticket Account Transfers

Season tickets may be transferred to an immediate family member i.e. spouse, children. Transferable points include consecutive years as a Season Ticket Holder and do not include booster giving.


Do I need to become a Booster member to keep my reserved seat at baseball or softball?

Yes, the 2024 spring seasons will require a minimum $70 Booster annual fund membership to sit in the grandstands in a reserved seat. In the 2025 season, we will fully implement a per-seat giving requirement and offer season ticket holders with the first option to renew their seat location.

FSU has implemented a consistent donation policy across all sports for all reserved season tickets to provide winning-edge resources for our teams. We appreciate the donors for their support of FSU Athletics!

The previous policy allowed donors who were football season ticket holders to purchase tickets for men’s basketball without an additional contribution for those seats. The new per-seat donation will include a separate contribution for each seat across all sports.