About Seminole Boosters, Inc.

Who We Are

Funding Comprehensive Excellence in Competition and in the Classroom.

As the fundraising arm of Florida State University Athletics, Seminole Boosters, Inc. is responsible for engaging fans, alumni and loyal supporters of FSU in order to generate financial contributions for the purpose of enriching the overall educational and athletic experience for over 500 student-athletes participating in 20 sports programs by providing financial security for long-term growth and prosperity.

Seminole Boosters, Inc. is comprised of loyal and generous donors dedicated to enhancing the student-athlete experience in support of the University’s mission to instill the strength, skill and character essential for lifelong learning, personal responsibility and sustained achievement.

By becoming a contributor, or by maintaining your contribution in support of FSU Athletics, you help support one of the most visible and successful programs in the nation. Contributions made to Seminole Boosters provide the financial framework that makes winning possible through scholarships, academic and medical services, facilities, and championship caliber coaches.

A group of FSU athletic graduates
Aerial view of the Doak Campbell stadium

What We Do

Seminole Boosters is a support organization that funds the Florida State Athletics Department. Every year, Seminole Boosters funds $34 million in program support on behalf of the athletics department.

  • Seminole Boosters provides more than nearly $11 million annually in scholarship costs on behalf of 399 Florida State student-athletes. While these scholarships are of no cost to the student-athletes, they are not free. The university does not provide tuition discounts or waivers.

  • Boosters pays $11 million on behalf of the athletics department for several athletics facilities including Doak Campbell Stadium, Dick Howser Stadium, Indoor Practice Facility, Soccer/Softball Complex, Track and Field, Seminole Golf Course and Morcom Aquatics Center.

  • Seminole Boosters also funds $11.5 million towards funding winning edge programs such as academic services, athletic training, player development, student services and more.

Why Give

The Florida State University Athletics program is primarily funded by Atlantic Coast Conference distributions, sponsorship agreements (via Seminole IMG Sports), ticket revenue and generous contributions from over 15,000 Seminole Booster members.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, fans, and corporate part ners, FSU is the top funded athletic department in the Atlantic Coast Conference and competes for conference and national championships in every sport. In fiscal year 2017-2018, Seminole Boosters supplemented the athletics operating budget by transferring $23 million to help cover the cost of scholarships, maintain and upgrade some of the best collegiate facilities in the nation and provide our student-athletes with academic and medical services that give them the winning edge in the classroom and in competition.

Board of directors

Executive Board
Charlie Dudley


Parrish Owens


Anne Hamilton


Richard McCullough

University President

Peter Collins
Peter Collins

Chair of the Board of Trustees

David Coburn

Director of Athletics

Bob Davis

Immediate Past Chair

Clif Curry


Ex-Officio Members

Richard McCullough

University President

Peter Collins

Board of Trustees Chair

David Coburn

Director of Athletics

Nancy McKay

Foundation Chair Designee

Eleanor Connan

Women's Athletics Representative

Dan Berger

Alumni Chair

Pam Perrewe

Athletic Board Designee

Wade Wallace

Varsity Club Designee

Riley Rubio

Student Booster Designee

Bob Davis

Seminole Boosters Chair

Jimmy Graganella

Seminole Boosters Chair-Elect

Andy A. Jhanji

Interim University VP for Advancement

Doug Russell

Immediate Past Chair

Gary Thurston

2nd Immediate Past Chair

Chair Emeritus

Kathy Atkins-Gunter, 2005 | Bob Lee Bannerman, 1952 | Tom Barron, 1984 | Hurley Booth, 1980 | Dennis Boyle, 1992 | Steve Brown, 2009 | Spencer Burress, 1955 | Bob Camp, 1979 | Joe Camps, 1997 | Bill Carraway, 1963 | Jim Carter, 1981 | Ken Cashin, 1989 | Bob Caton, 2008 | Raymond Cottrell, 2001 | Dave Cowens, 1973 | Syde P. Deeb, 1962 | Carl Domino, 1995 | Bill Dubey, 1969 | Frank Fain, 1991 | Mike Fields, 1987 | Bob Fohl, 2003 | Andy Haggard, 1988 | Kim Hammond, 1972 | Bruce Harrell, 2012 | Mike Harrell, 2014 | Ed Haskell, Jr, 1965 | Sherman Henderson, 1998 | Charlie Hill, 1978 | Lou Hill, 1964, 74 | Ron Hobbs, 2002 | Jim Kirk, 1996 | Chris Kraft, 2004 | George Langford, 1976, 77, 85 | Lawton Langford, 1994 | W.S. "Bill" Lee, 1966 | Douglas Mannheimer, 1993 | Payne Midyette, Sr, 1956 | Russ Morcom, 2006, 07 | John Olson, 1982 | Bill Parker, 1986 | Frank Pope, 1967 | Doyle Pope, 1970, 75 | Theo Proctor, Jr, 1968 | David Rancourt, 2015 | Gene Ready, 2013 | Don Reinhard, 1999 | Charles Rosenberg, 1953, 54 | Doug Russell | Godfrey Smith, 1960 | Lomax Smith, 1983 | W.G. "Babe" Starry, 1958, 59, 61 | Brian Swain, 2010, 11 | Nylah Thompson, 2016 | Gary Thurston, 2017 | Gary Walsingham, 2000 | Herschel Williams, 1971 | Tommy Williams, 1990 | Albert Yates, 1957

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